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The Changing of Mores in Japan

Did you know that in a 2009 survey of 1,154 high school girls by the Culture Studies Institute in Tokyo, hostessing ranked No. 12 out of the 40 most popular professions, ahead of public servant (18) and nurse (22)?

And according to a club recruiter in the Kabuki-cho district of Tokyo, it isn’t uncommon for women nowadays to turn up at hostessing interviews with their mothers in tow?

Also, were you aware that a member of the Japanese Parliament, Kazumi … Continue reading »

Sushi & Hashi

Check out the videos from “The Japanese Tradition” series – they’re hilarious!

This is the first one I ever watched (and still my favorite):

This one is also great:… Continue reading »


Here’s an article for those of you who haven’t yet made it to a baseball game in Japan (that includes me! >_<).

Since everyone I know plus the New York Times is telling me it’s a guaranteed good time, I’m guessing they’re probably not lying. Here’s to proving it’s as fun as everyone says! 野球ゲームに一緒に行きましょうか?

-Mutia Adisoma… Continue reading »

List Me Tender

Oh the syntactical sweetness of a list. Books to read and things to do lists, places to see and foods to eat lists. The list goes on. In the months to come, the space of this here page will overflow with your creatively conceptualized lists.

So send me your lists, whatever they may be. 6 Japanese fashion enigmas? The 3 weirdest textured foods you’ve encountered? Top 4 misconceptions about gaijin? 7 things you’d rather be doing than compiling lists?

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It’s the Little Things

Last December right before winter break, a couple of the 3rd-year girls at the junior high school I work at started writing little notes to me, which they would pass to me discretely after class and in the hallway. These notes soon evolved into short letters, and I was delighted to see the girls develop an interest in using English outside of their class assignments. It was a nice change of pace, considering I got to play the role of … Continue reading »