Nagasaki Hotspots Map

This is a fantastic maleable Google Map created by Mr. Colin Pattison. Check out some of the great places in Nagasaki prefecture that you may not have known about and add your own! This could be an even more valuable tool if we all add together our collective knowledge of this area.

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It’s the Little Things

Last December right before winter break, a couple of the 3rd-year girls at the junior high school I work at started writing little notes to me, which they would pass to me discretely after class and in the hallway. These notes soon evolved into short letters, and I was delighted to see the girls develop an interest in using English outside of their class assignments. It was a nice change of pace, considering I got to play the role of … Continue reading »

Boris, The Nihilistic Existentialist’s Metal Band

“Face melting” is kind of a strange musical descriptor right? Well, go and read some Internet reviews of Metal genre devouring trio, Boris’, albums or their live shows and you’ll become well acquainted with the term. Continue reading

X Japan – Because You Love It

X Japan were and are a rather interesting Japanese phenomenon. As a costumed speed metal band with a penchant for 10 minute balladry they grew to become literally the biggest rock band in the nation. To this day they maintain a somewhat mythic status here in Japan, and have achieved levels frightening devotion unprecedented in the Japanese music universe. They also pretty much single handedly made the visual-kei style of music into a legitimate format for all the other costumed … Continue reading »