Dejima Wharf – Nagasaki’s Underappreciated Waterside Haven

Located behind Yumesaito shopping plaza in Nagasaki city, Dejima Wharf is a quiet, lovely area that is unfortunately looked over by many. It’s a real shame, considering it offers a number of tantalizing opportunities for you to spend your leisure time!

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Nagasaki Bio Park – A Return to the Wild

The Bio Park, located on the western side of Omura Bay in the Saikai region, is not your typical zoo. Unlike the layout of many zoos out there, the Bio Park has more of a “World Safari” type atmosphere, and during your tour around the premises you will encounter a vast assortment of wild creatures from all over the globe, many of whom you will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with (if you so wish).

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A 15-Minute Whirlwind

It’s cleaning time and a handful of first-year students and I are trying to clean the floors of our junior high’s English room. This however proves to be nearly impossible to achieve, as an inexplicable number of nickel-sized dust balls have found their way into the room and scattered themselves all about the sticky floor. The kids are on their hands and knees trying to dislodge them, all the while prattling on about whatever pops into their heads. I listen … Continue reading »

The Changing of Mores in Japan

Did you know that in a 2009 survey of 1,154 high school girls by the Culture Studies Institute in Tokyo, hostessing ranked No. 12 out of the 40 most popular professions, ahead of public servant (18) and nurse (22)?

And according to a club recruiter in the Kabuki-cho district of Tokyo, it isn’t uncommon for women nowadays to turn up at hostessing interviews with their mothers in tow?

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Living the Dream at the Gatalympics

Mud and I go way back. My big present from my parents for my fifth birthday was in fact a big pile of dirt. It was a rather large pile mind you, but still, that was it. To this day it is probably the present that ended up bringing me the most enjoyment of any I have received since. I spent countless hours building fortresses for action figures and digging tunnel systems as deep as my tiny 5 year-old hands … Continue reading »

Sushi & Hashi

Check out the videos from “The Japanese Tradition” series – they’re hilarious!

This is the first one I ever watched (and still my favorite):

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Here’s an article for those of you who haven’t yet made it to a baseball game in Japan (that includes me! >_<).

Since everyone I know plus the New York Times is telling me it’s a guaranteed good time, I’m guessing they’re probably not lying. Here’s to proving it’s as fun as everyone says! 野球ゲームに一緒に行きましょうか?

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Mexican Food FINALLY (kind of…) Comes to Nagasaki City!

So if you’re anything like me, one of the only things that seems to make life in Japan seem to drag a bit at times is the distinct lack of Mexican Food available for consumption. I like many of my fellow American compatriots crave a good burrito/taco/quesadilla more than probably any other food stuff on the planet. There’s Mike’s, and Chango’s in Sasebo which I make sure to hit up when I’m in that hood, but since I spend a … Continue reading »

Lecture on the Amazon Rainforest in Higashisonogi on 6/20 2PM-3:30

For those of you who don’t have the benefit of understanding the assemblage of lines known as “Kanji”, the above is a poster for a FREE lecture that will be taking place in Higashisonogi this coming June 20th. The lecture will be given by Ms. Minami Kenko of the Rainforest Foundation Japan based in Tokyo. The lecture will cover such topics as, what we can learn from the native peoples of the Amazon (Ms. Kenko lived with them for many … Continue reading »

List Me Tender

Oh the syntactical sweetness of a list. Books to read and things to do lists, places to see and foods to eat lists. The list goes on. In the months to come, the space of this here page will overflow with your creatively conceptualized lists.

So send me your lists, whatever they may be. 6 Japanese fashion enigmas? The 3 weirdest textured foods you’ve encountered? Top 4 misconceptions about gaijin? 7 things you’d rather be doing than compiling lists?

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