Neutral Party a Great Success

A big thank you to everyone who came to the Just Dance party at Neutral last Saturday. It was a huge success! We collected about 50,000 yen in donations for Haiti.

Another thank you to Warren and Brandon, who organized the event.

Hope you all had fun. We sure did!

-The NagaZasshi Team

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You may not have visited Matsuura but you can be sure that Matsuura has visited you. Your hair dryer will testify. Your toaster will testify. And that superfluous little motor in your desk’s electric pencil sharpener will testify too. For Matsuura is the power capital of Nagasaki. Every day Matsuura generates gigantic tubs full of the stuff so energy can be pumped straight through the power lines and into the blood lines of your favorite electronic goods. So come visit. … Continue reading »

5 Ways to Avoid the Most Depressing Christmas Ever

Pretty depressing, to say the least.

Regardless of where you are, and what the locals do, ‘tis the season to be jolly. However ‘tis also the season not to be broke, which is inevitably what a plane ticket home for the holidays will render you. If you’re staying put this Christmas, here is a heads up of what to expect, and some tips on how to spend your holiday season without crying into a Colonel Sanders bucket.

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A Reasonable Rhyme: Shining a Little Light on a Japanese Custom

So many times in our daily lives here in Japan we may find our selves wondering, “Now come on, why would you do that? That just doesn’t make any sense…” One such instance as pointed out by Ms. Marika Galadza in her list of “5 Humbling Gaijin Moments” is the fact that you are, generally speaking, expected to pay an equal share for your own welcome/farewell party. For many of us foreign types that seems a little out of place … Continue reading »

Stop Looking At Me!

Physical insecurities are something that most of us have dealt with at one point or another in our lives (glasses and braces in junior high school, anyone?). However, these insecurities are sometimes exacerbated in Japan due to the fact that we look completely different from everyone around us, not to mention we’re stared at all the time!

I asked some foreigners about thoughts they’ve had regarding their physical appearance since living in Japan. Here are some of the things they … Continue reading »

Come explore the Southern Nagasaki Peninsula!

Many people in this prefecture (probably even many locals) are somehow unaware of all the great areas that lay hidden in the Nagasaki Peninsula located directly south of Nagasaki City. Either by car or by city bus you can spend a wonderful day exploring this beautiful, lush peninsula. Below are two of the local hotspots that without a doubt should be included on any visit to the area.

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Night Views in Nagasaki

Enjoy night views, but don’t like cold weather or paying for gas? Then you need to check out this website.

I just came across it today, and it appears to be dedicated to night view photography from all across Japan. In Nagasaki-ken, make sure to check out: Sasebo, Omura, Nagasaki (Inasayama), and my personal favorite Nagasaki (Nabekanmuri-yama).


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A Hot Guide to Nagasaki’s Amazing Hotsprings

Whether it be to wash the sweat from your body during the humid summer weather, or to warm up your chilled bones during winter, a visit to the onsen (hot spring) is perfect for any season. What exactly is an onsen you might ask? It is a gender separated public bath usually built on a natural hot spring. While donning your ‘birthday suit’ and bathing with strangers might cause some embarrassment at first, as it did for me, I soon … Continue reading »

Let’s Hike Nagasaki!

As a newcomer to Nagasaki last year, there were two things I wanted to do more than anything else: go swimming, and go hiking. Unfortunately, swimming was out of the question due to the mass numbers of jellyfish that infest the waters during the summer. Luckily, I soon found out how many amazing mountains there are in this area. This is of course true for most of Japan, which is 75% covered in mountains, but it’s especially true for Kyushu. … Continue reading »

Pining for the Simple Things in Life? Go to Goto

If you’re low on cash and high off exhaust fumes from the city, consider coming to Goto Island for an affordable detox. Only 80 km off the coast of Nagasaki and abounding in natural beauty, this seemingly forgotten island is the perfect place to rent a car and road trip it for a weekend with friends.

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