Nagazasshi Presents: ふるさと日本、OUR JAPAN (Aug 2012-Aug 2013 Calendar)


Looking for a way to keep your busy schedule organized throughout the year? The Nagazasshi has collected breathtaking photos taken in Nagasaki and all over Japan to present to you: ふるさと日本, Our Japan (a 2012-2013 calendar). The best part is: A portion of the calendar proceeds will go to Tohoku rebuilding efforts, so why not support charity while livening up your workspace or living room with these stunning photos?

We’re offering a special discount for pre-orders, so order soon! Prices per calendar will be as follows:

Pre-order (before July 7th) : 1000 yen
July 7th~ : 1300 yen

To order:
Please email (email address hidden - JavaScript is required) with the following information:

1. Name
2. Quantity
3. Will you be at the July 7th farewell party in Omura?
(If not, please tell us an address to which we can ship your calendar)

These calendars make great gifts, great souvenirs or you can even buy one to hang up in your classroom! And remember, a portion of the proceeds will go to charity.

If you have any questions, please email Kim Noriko at (email address hidden - JavaScript is required).


スケジュールを管理するのは難しいですよね〜?ナガザッシは、長崎県や全国の写真を集め、素敵なカレンダーを作りました!今回は、これを皆さんに紹介します:“2012-2013ふるさと日本、Our Japan.” 利益の一部は東北再建復興に寄付します。職場や家に飾りながら、チャリティしてみませんか?



(email address hidden - JavaScript is required)に次の3点を明記してメールして下さい

職場や家に飾ってもプレゼントにしても、喜ばれますよ!一番大事なことは 利益の一部は東北再建復興に役立てられることですよ!

質問について、キム ノリコ ((email address hidden - JavaScript is required))に連絡してください!

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