Dejima Wharf – Nagasaki’s Underappreciated Waterside Haven

Located behind Yumesaito shopping plaza in Nagasaki city, Dejima Wharf is a quiet, lovely area that is unfortunately looked over by many. It’s a real shame, considering it offers a number of tantalizing opportunities for you to spend your leisure time!

Dejima Fun

Nagasaki Seaside Park

The Nagasaki Seaside Park is probably one of the best fresh-air communal spaces in all of Nagasaki city. Located right on the water across from the Prefectural Art Museum, you’ll find a spacious park with trees scattered around its fringes all set to the backdrop of sparkling sea water.

Happy FamiliesVarious boats and ferries pull in and out of the harbor throughout the day, sounding their horns as if saying ‘hello.’ In the grassy area parents chase around delighted toddlers, starry-eyed couples stroll side by side, canine-enthusiasts take their four-legged friends for walks (keep a look out for the big, fluffy white dog–a regular of the park, he’s almost as big as a bear!), and people relax in the grass with tea, snacks or a book in hand. Take advantage of this park because it really is wonderful. And based on my own experience, it’s the perfect place to people-watch, have a picnic, or nap in the sun after sightseeing or running errands all around town.

Happy Gaijin

The Boardwalk

While the park gets a good share of visitors, its neighbor, the boardwalk, is not so popular. I have not yet managed to figure out why this is the case, but there is no denying that the boardwalk leading up to the park is perhaps the most underutilized area of all of Dejima Wharf. Two stories of restaurants, bars and cafes are lined up alongside the boardwalk–small, clean, and friendly, they offer a variety of different cuisines and a great view of the water. Based on the handful of places I’ve tried, the food has always been good and the service great. At night the area is even aglow with decorative lights! Support these businesses by making it your favorite spot for quiet dinners with your sweetheart, your place for drinks and conversation with your buddies, or the place you automatically go when you’re famished after a fun-filled day in the park.

-Mutia Adisoma

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