The Changing of Mores in Japan

Did you know that in a 2009 survey of 1,154 high school girls by the Culture Studies Institute in Tokyo, hostessing ranked No. 12 out of the 40 most popular professions, ahead of public servant (18) and nurse (22)?

And according to a club recruiter in the Kabuki-cho district of Tokyo, it isn’t uncommon for women nowadays to turn up at hostessing interviews with their mothers in tow?

Also, were you aware that a member of the Japanese Parliament, Kazumi Ota, was once a hostess? That revelation once would have ignited a huge scandal, but it has not, and she’ll run for re-election on the leading opposition party ticket, the Democratic Party of Japan, in the national election next month.

I picked up the tidbits listed above from a recent article in the New York Times titled The Well-Paid Flirt. According to that article, the current recession (Japan’s worst since World War II) is changing mores, and hostessing is becoming an increasingly respectable profession. I had no idea this was current perception of hostess girls, and this article was able to enlighten me about a world I know very little about. If you’d like to read it too, go ahead. The article also has an accompanying photo slideshow.

-Mutia Adisoma

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