Mexican Food FINALLY (kind of…) Comes to Nagasaki City!

So if you’re anything like me, one of the only things that seems to make life in Japan seem to drag a bit at times is the distinct lack of Mexican Food available for consumption. I like many of my fellow American compatriots crave a good burrito/taco/quesadilla more than probably any other food stuff on the planet. There’s Mike’s, and Chango’s in Sasebo which I make sure to hit up when I’m in that hood, but since I spend a vast majority of my time on the southern end of the prefecture, I sometimes go months without being able to indulge in my near constant desire for a meaty, cheesy, juicy burrito doused in Guacamole and Salsa. In America that would have been absolutely unheard of, but here in Nagasaki it had basically just become a fact of life. Until now…

Vida Rosa just opened up this past weekend in Nagasaki city near Hamanomachi, and while it’s far from perfect, it at least raises the “places you can chomp a taco” count from a horrifying 0 to a more fulfilling “Well there is that one joint”.

Popeye Meat Burrito Plate

Above is the “Popeye Meat Burrito Plate” which pairs a decently delicious grilled “burrito” with the traditional Mexican side dishes of potato wedges and onion rings. Wait a second, what? Freaking potato wedges and onion rings? Nice try Nihon. You may be able to slide that past some folks who don’t even have the slightest comprehension of what “Mexican Food” means, but not including beans and rice (I know it’s an American addition), or even tortilla chips is pretty darn sacrilegious in my gaijin book. At least on the menu they are willing to admit that their “Taco Rice” section is actually an Okinawan invention and not actual Mexican food. Oh, and also, the above plate with the side of guacamole (something I personally can’t live without) set me back a slightly “ouch” ¥1360. Of course even in America Burrito plates in non-taco cart joints are running you $10+ these days so it’s expected that it would be pretty expensive over here since it’s “exotic”. Still I’ll definitely be dropping in again sometime to check out more of their menu items during their lunch time (from 11:00-15:00) when prices are a bit lower. In summation, while I’m not quite crying tears of salsa flavored joy, a little piece of my mexi-lovin soul will rest easier tonight knowing that the Mexican food drought of Nagasaki is over.

To find Vida Rosa, walk away from the entrance to the Hamanomachi arcade off of the Kanko doori tram stop down Doza doori (銅座通り)and it will be just a little over a block on your left. Check it out for yourself. If I find any other things worth checking out I’ll be sure to update.

-Andrew Morris

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