Lecture on the Amazon Rainforest in Higashisonogi on 6/20 2PM-3:30

Amazon Lecture PosterFor those of you who don’t have the benefit of understanding the assemblage of lines known as “Kanji”, the above is a poster for a FREE lecture that will be taking place in Higashisonogi this coming June 20th. The lecture will be given by Ms. Minami Kenko of the Rainforest Foundation Japan based in Tokyo. The lecture will cover such topics as, what we can learn from the native peoples of the Amazon (Ms. Kenko lived with them for many years so she knows), just how bad the destruction of the rainforest is down there, how Japan is playing a near direct role in that destruction, and what we can do in our daily lives to help to lessen our own environmental impact. The lecture will be entirely in Japanese so I suppose it’s mostly for you perapera types, but there’s a slide show too, so at least there’ll be pretty pictures.

To get to the lecture, get out at Higashisonogi station, walk down the street in front of you to the left, turn left at the main street (Route 205) and walk down that street until just after a post office on your left there will be a big structure. The “Green Heart Hall” or the Higashisonogi Sougoukaikan will be the last building on your left just before a Lawson.

Also, stay tuned to the next issue of the Nagazasshi (Jul/Aug) when a local disciple of Ms. Kenko’s, Yoko Hayashi, will talk more in depth about Japan’s role in the Amazonian Rainforest destruction, and what a group of local Japanese are doing to try to change this issue. It’s a cool article on an important topic (and I *ahem* translated it).

-Andrew Morris

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